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The ABUS Link Station Pro App provides easy and uncomplicated access to selected ABUS products - directly on your mobile phone or tablet. Cameras and recorders are set up in just a few steps using a QR code. The app shows recordings and live images from up to 16 cameras via WLAN or mobile Internet - with unlimited data volume.

1. remote access to live images with simple integration via QR code
2. unlimited data volume for streaming live images or recordings
3. push messages and alarm notification


1. intuitive operating and user interface, e.g. camera arrangement by drag & drop
2. remote access to live images and recordings via mobile devices
3. live image display of up to 16 cameras in landscape mode
4. push notification when somebody rings the bell
5. save an instant image or video clip directly from live view
6. pinch-to-zoom function: stepless digital zoom in camera live image and playback
7. controlling and setting up a zoom camera (PTZ) with the touch screen
8. controlling switches or relays, e.g. to open a door or operate a light switch
9. secure connection via encrypted data transfer

The app offers remote access to selected ABUS products via WLAN and the mobile Internet. Security cameras can be easily set up and released via QR codes - without complicated configuration via the router.

The new intuitive user interface lets you individually group cameras as favorites and create different scenarios. The pinch-to-zoom function enables continuous digital zooming in live images and camera playback. Zoom cameras (PTZ) can also be controlled via the touch screen of the mobile phone or tablet. The app can also control the alarm outputs of security cameras: This makes it possible to operate further switches or relays via the app. In case of events, light switches can be switched on or off and doors can be opened.

ABUS Link Station Pro notifies all authorized users via push notification when an event occurs: For example, if someone rings or an alarm is triggered.

Instant images or video clips can be created directly from the live view or playback function and stored in the local device memory. From there it is possible to continue using the files by e-mail or upload the clips and images.

Please make sure that the current firmware is installed on all devices.
1. Bugfix for login
2. Support for 64-bit added

>>>Download ABUS Link Station Pro APK<<<

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>>>Download ABUS Link Station Pro APK<<<