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The most advance 'Quake engines' on earth brought to your Android device.

This app does not include any original 'Quake' or 'Hexen 2' data. You must provide your own files to play the original games

DarkPlaces - Q1 engine with many enhanced features and graphics.
QuakeSpasm - Q1 engine staying true to the original.
FTEQW - Q1 engine with enhanced graphics and great multiplayer. Also plays Hexen 2!
Quake 2 v3.24 - The original Q2 engine with bug fixes and a few extras.
Yamagi Quake 2 - A modern Q2 engine with many new features.
IOQuake3 - The definitive Q3 engine.
Hexen 2 - Hammer of Thyrion - The only Hexen 2 engine worth playing.

* The very best FPS touch screen controls available on Android
* Full gamepad support
* Built in keyboard
* Weapon Wheel
* 6 custom buttons for you to bind to custom commands
* Custom keyboard
* Full console access for all games
* Fully navigatable UI via a gamepad
* GUI to select mods and total conversions
* Gyro aim assist (Gyroscope needed)
* Play all official expansion packs for Q1 and Q2
* Play your copy of Hexen 2 using the FTEQW engine OR Hammer of Thyrion

Full money-back guarantee at any time, just email and we will issue a full refund


Icons and internal touch screen graphics are copyright to Open Touch Gaming.

This is a GPL source port and contains no 'Quake' copyrighted data.

Added Quakespasm-Spiked
Multiselect games on Darkplaces
Set custom args for each game/mod
Added 'mini ui' option
Separate move / strafe sensitivity
Set dead-zone for gamepad
Added option to always show custom buttons
Updated Yamagi to 7.43 (and latest mission packs)
Updated FTEQW 'dev' to 5630
Fixed custom touch controls for Malice on Quake
Option to hide games which are not installed
Put a file called 'icon.png' in the mod folder to be automatically loaded

>>>Download Quad Touch APK<<<

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>>>Download Quad Touch APK<<<