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Explore an infinite world through a text-adventure role playing game with roguelike elements!

A solo indie-dev aims to bring an old-school style to modern day Android devices. This is accomplished with an easy to understand interface, a few iconic buttons, and several information screens. Players are empowered to navigate a proceedurally generated world full of danger and treasure.

Embark upon a quest to defeat The Tyrant, a infamous villain who has spread evil far and wide. But, is The Tyrant the greatest evil in existence? Will killing him really save the world?

Explore endless islands, craft your equipment, potions, materials, tools, bombs, and more! Learn a plethora of magic spells, improve your skills, and capture monsters to train them as your pets! Collect all the plants, fish, ore, and insects! Obtain the favor of the merchants, helpless townsfolk, or even the King! Slay bosses! Obtain the best gear you can… and much, much more!

Made by one developer (who is aided by an active community in Discord), the game continues to update and improve, regularly adding more content.

The text-based design allows visually impaired and blind people to play by using the Talkback tool.


If you have any suggestions, doubts, ideas, bugs, etc... please join the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/8YMrfgw or the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RandomAdventureRogue


· https://game-icons.net/ I’ve been using icons from this site, thanks!

· KolyaKorruptis is the Reddit user who made the brand new logo for the game and also gave some quotes for the Villagers.

· If you like the music, you can check for more from Archison (me :p) here: https://soundcloud.com/archison/

· Reddit and Discord community and all users who have been emailing me for the last few years… without your support I wouldn’t have had the courage to make RAR II… thanks 🙂

A new update is here!

(It mainly contains bug-fixing and a few improvements)

To see the "complete" list of changes in the last update, check https://www.archison.com/ (or the subreddit/Discord channel).

Have fun!

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>>>Download Random Adventure Roguelike II APK<<<