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Meet your new friend, a cute talking cat who has been busy during the whole summer and has finally managed to construct her house. She will welcome you in and have a small talk with you. Apart from being extremely hardworking, she is also very chatty and likes to repeat other people’s words. Listen to yourself speaking in her funny voice. This multitalented virtual pet has a musical talent and is not shy to perform in front of you. Check out her dancing moves and she will even take a bow in the end, or listen to her playing the piano or the xylophone. She is also not embarrassed to fart while you are watching, so this can be pretty funny. When the two of you are together the time simply flies. Sit in the living room and have a talk with her, or go into the playground and have tons of fun jumping on the trampoline or playing with a volleyball ball. Download for free the popular Talking Cat game and you will get the best thing for pastime on your device.
• Talk to your new friend, the cat, and she will repeat what you have said
• Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open the locked rooms
• Poke her leg or slap her until she sees stars
• Take your best pal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground
• Help the cat keep her hygiene and she will play some instrument for you
Your cute talking cat wants you to assist her when brushing teeth or taking a shower. She is a very zealous and wants to take care of everything in the bathroom before going to bed. Having fun on the playground made her very tired and she craves for a good night sleep. You should tap on the horn to turn off the light for her, and it will only take a few seconds for her to doze off. She wants to stay fit and it is of high importance for her to be a good looking. That is why this lovely talking cat spends a lot of time on the treadmill. You can decide on the speed for her, or whether she is going to run or walk. Her home is so fancy that she even has her own gym. Her reaction on you poking her lag is hilarious, so make sure to try that and have a laugh. Get the latest Talking Cat game and never again will you be bored.
Your buddy needs help when unlocking the closed rooms and gathering coins. In order to do this play cool mini games or watch some interesting videos. Within the awesome Talking Cat app at your disposal are many different ones that can be the perfect distraction. The top Talking Cat game is suitable for children and also for adults who feel like that. The greatest thing is that it is at the same time educational and can help your kid learn the numbers from one to ten, so don’t hesitate and get the app this second!
- Better Functionality Of Interface
- Minor Bug Corected
- Have A Fun!

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