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Your favourite jungle animal is here, and the two of you can now be best friends! This buddy is very smart and funny, and he will be the coolest virtual pet you have ever had. Download free Talking Monkey game app and see what this hero can do! You will be his guide and make sure he sleeps, and takes care about his looks and hygiene. Later you will try the amazing top mini games together, go to the playground, and exercise gym! You and the monkey will have so much fun together, so grab your smartphone and install the latest talking game. It will quickly become your favourite one.
The monkey lives in a house that has many cool rooms. You will make sure that you unlock all of them and see what each of them hides. In the living room, there are many interesting items! For example, you can tap the table to see the caveman who is hiding there! Tap the crazy monkey behind the window and see what happens. Take a look on drawer and the colorful fireworks will attract your attention. Let’s learn the letters together, just watch the tv screen. Do you know that your little hero has musical talent? You will enjoy the sounds he performs on afro drum. Also, he has a balafon, a wooden xylophone. Listen your cute hero while his performance and you will be amazed. The talking monkey has a beautifully decorated bedroom. When it is time for him to take a nap, just turn off the lights for him. The roll whistle will wake him up from his sleep, whenever you want. This animal loves to spend time on the playground. That is where he can jump on his trampoline and play sports. Jungle boy will surprise you, he likes to climb over the trees and to slide down them. The newest game is fun to play, it is relaxing and entertaining at the same time! The monkey has an awesome home gym, where he comes for his daily workout. He prefers the treadmill, so you decide if he is going to run or walk on it. Make sure that your hero stays fit! Now it is time for some fantastic mini games, so try it together and enjoy in these popular adventures. Play Jumpy Monkey, cross all platforms and try to achieve the maximum height. Do not forget to collect as many bananas. This fruit will give you incredible acceleration. Open Pizza Defense and protect this delicious meal from the attack of nasty bugs. Beware of spiders and caterpillars but try not to hurt butterflies and ladybugs. They are your friends and will help you in your mission. In Monkey Smash do not drop the hammer from your hands and hit this wild animals as soon as they come out of the pit. Play Monkey Jump and just tap platform that you want your hero to jump on. You will see that these pets hold frogs as hostages, so try to release them. Life in the jungle is never boring, and our monkey leads an impressive lifestyle. He is very meticulous, too. In his bathroom he can brush his teeth and take a bath. Later he will wipe with the towel. This top game is for people of all ages, for kids and teenagers, for adults as well. Take care of your virtual animal and be the best guide to him. Talk to the monkey, he will listen very carefully. Later he will repeat your words!
How to play Talking Monkey game app:
 Play mini games to collect more coins
 Talk to the monkey and he will repeat your words
 Take the monkey to the gym
 Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep
 Tickle and slap the monkey for fun
The popular pet care game will surely bring a smile to your face, so do not hesitate and download it on your smartphone free of charge. Slap and tickle your hero for fun, to see his reaction. You can share with your friends and let them know that you have a new virtual buddy! The monkey will make sure you have a lot of fun together, so install the latest application and see what happens in the jungle!
Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements
Have a Lot Of Fun

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>>>Download Talking Monkey 2.1 APK<<<